ANNULE // The Wizards ( Heavy Metal Bilbao )

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    @ Le Molotov

    3 Place Paul Cézanne


    Entrée : 6 e

    Prévente: 5 e

    ANNULE // The Wizards ( Heavy Metal Bilbao )

  • The Wizards is a five-headed serpent, rising from the ruins of a society in decline. Their new album “Rise of the Serpent” contains eight Apocalyptic Weapons that will survive the Circle of Time. It is a magical war against The Man, and there is no turning back. From this point of no return, we declare this: magic shall be released and revealed. May the Serpent show you the way, the same it has shown us. This is a magical artifact, listen carefully and the Serpent will rise. Join our cult and let´s ride together towards our Destiny!

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